Here is a collection of photos taken at the 45th reunion. Thanks go to Janeene (Miller) Carlisle, Bob Trotter, Suzanne (Samo) Newton, Sharel (Tuers) Spendlove, and Deanna (Wheatly) Peterson for providing them to post here.
The Committee Larry Solomon, Janeene (Miller) Carlisle, Robert Trotter, Shirley (Grant) Robinette, Larry Fogelson, Pat (Rounds) Hockersmith
Bing (Kinney) Miller, Larry Gilliland, John Beal
Tom Evans, Carole & Jerry Hall
Linda (White) Towers, Mary Lou (Weisbrod) Nicholson, Sharel (Tuers) Spendlove, Carol (Graney) DeChant, Eileen "Joy" (Thornton) Lowthorp, Janice (Crain) Stueckrath, Kathleen (Graney) Finkenauer, Sharon (Whiteside) Stilwell
Barbra (Evans) Priest, Robert Baldwin, Jean Baldwin, Charles Allen, Gary Priest
Pat (Rounds) & Larry Hockersmith
Larry, & Jackie Soloman
Bob & Connie Trotter
Larry & Margaret Fogelson
Shirley (Grant) & Ray "Bud" Robinette
Janeene (Miller) & Larry Carlisle
Kay (Edwards) & Chico Alcantar
Don & Janet Stevens
Tom & Roberta Abbott
Paul Goetz and Mary Lou (Katzman) Goodman
Dick & Elaine Smith
Suzanne (Samo) & Norman Newton
JoAnn (Brady), & Walter Wilson
Linda (White) & Tom Towers
Donna (Nichols) & Bill Wilson
Jerry & Diane (Ballenger) Ott
Group: Gwen (Brewer) Stubbs, Ruth (Cook)Haag, Janice (Webber)Cassidy, Jean Allsteadt, Nancy (Lund) Belluchi
Jerry & Rebecca Smith
Yvonne (Miller) & Roland "Sonny" Nauman
Marlene (Roberts) & Dale Wheeler
Ken & Judy Viggers
Sharel (Truers) & Gordon Spendlove
Kay (Johnson) & Gordon Inman
Good Crowd at Prarie Meadows Pavillion
Don Spaw accepting a prize
Tables at Echo Valley Country Club
Ken Viggers and Tom Abbott lead us in the EHS song
Phillips Elementary graduates - Front Row Mary Lou (Katzmann) Goodman, Shirley (Grant) Robinette, Eileen "Joy" (Thornton) Lowthrop, Kay (Johnson) Inman - Back Row Jerry Hall, Ken Viggers, Bob Trotter, Jerry Smith
Bob Trotter and Sharon )Whitehead) Stilwell
Bob congratulating Larry Fogelson
Jerry Hall volunteers to help with 50th Class Reunion
The following four candid shots were provided by Suzanne (Samo) Newton:
Frame 1
Frame 2
Frame 3
Frame 4
The following set provided by Janeene (Miller) Carlisle and Sharel (Tuers) Spendlove:
Deanna Deanna (Wheatly) Peterson & Don Peterson
Jerry Jerry & Carol (Alexander) Hall {Class of '57}
Stan Stan Richie
ML TF ST Mary Lou (Weisbrod) Nicholson, Tom Fjelde, and Sharel (Truers) Spendlove
Barb Jean Barbra (Evans) Priest & Jean Allsteadt
Four Sharon (Whitehead) Stilwell, Bing (Kinney) Miller, Marlene (Roberts) Wheeler & Mary Lou (Weisbrod) Nicholson - Four Wallace Elementary Alums
ML LT JC Mary Lou (Weisbrod) Nicholson, Linda (White)Towers & Janeene (Miller) Carlisle
Happy Barbra (Evans) Priest, Mary Lou (Weisbrod) Nicholson, Diane (Ballinger) Ott, Sharel (Tuers) Spendlove, Jean Allsteadt, Linda (White)
Hols Beal Sheryl (Deskin) & Larry Holsman and John Beal
Six Janice (Crain) Stueckrath, Sheryl (Deskin) Holsman, Donna (Turner) Beal, Sally (Peterson) Goeser, Bing (Kinney) Miller & Sharon (Whitehead) Stilwell
Winner Diane (Ballenger) Ott pointing out the shirt Sharel (Tuers) Spendlove won
The following collection wqas provided by Deanna (Wheatly) Peterson:

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