East Des Moines High School Class of 1957

Left to Right:Hilajane Rex, Lee Fuller, Elain Heggen, Kay Farrington, Georganne Wingert,
Ellen Thompson, Nancy Harban. Kneeling: Linda Leonetti, Captain.

The group photo taken at the Class of 1957 50th Reunion is here.

Roll your mouse over the photograph to see the names. Click on the face when you see a name appear to view the Quill page where that person's graduation photo can be found. If you notice any errors, please send email to Tom Lettington .
Those classmates who attended the 50th reunion thoroughly enjoyed the speech made by Jim Williams. He agreed to provide the text of that speech for publication here . Enjoy the trip down memory lane with him.
Here is the collection of informal photographs taken Saturday evening by the Jentsch Photography staff. John Jentsch, owner of Jentsch Photography , the official 50th Reunion photographer agreed to allow the use here of not only the class group photo, but all of the candid shots his staff took at the reunion activities on Saturday evening. Thanks John!
Steve Ferguson donated 55 informal shots taken during reunion weekend. Click here to thumb through them.
Nancy (Pratt) Breasile has provided her album of informal reunion photos. Click here to have a look.
Kay (Farrington) Lettington found some Henry A.Wallace and Amos Hiatt gems among her treasures. Click here to take a trip down memory lane. Click here for some photographs she found that were taken at the EHS Class of 1957 25th reunion.
Here is web site for the class of 1956.

Below are some pages form the January and June 1957 Quills.

Here are the covers.

Here are the pictures of the January Class Officers.

Here are the pictures of the June Class Officers.

Here is the January Class Board.

Here is the June Class Board.

Following references are to individual pages of Year Book pictures, indexed by name so you only have to download the pages you want to look at. Use the "Next" and "Back" buttons to browse through the pages or the "Home" button to return here.
The January Class

Akes through Brown

Bryant through Cline

Coldiron through Culp

Davis through Gritton

Gustafson through Jorgensen

Kasner through Lovejoy

Lloyd through Mercuro

Miller through Ruvalds

Saddoris through Jerald Smith

John W. Smith through Warren

Watson through Wolfkill (Oliver Brees and Karen Rosemary King not pictures)

The June & August Classes

Adams through Beall

Bellis through Brady

Brandow through Campfield

Cason through Crane

Cruikshank through Drake

Dauquette through Feight

Ferguson through Fuller

Fultoner through Haas

Habick through Harper

Heath through Ingle

Ives through Lee

Leonard through Mercer

Miller through Phipps

Pike through Rietveld

Rizer through Schultz

Schumann through Stuve

Sutherland through Voumard

Wade through Joyce West

Paul West through Wonderly

Wright through Youngs

August Grads: Bradford through Wickhan

A list of deceased members of our class is available here.

Updated 6/15/2021. Provided courtesy of Tom Lettington and The Fast Lane.