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                      December, 1998 



October 19, 1998 Dinner        

   We had a class dinner get together at the Four Seasons Dinner again, located at 304-E. 30th. Originally we had 36 commitments who said they would be there, but due to last minute changes in plans, etc. we wound up with 23 people in attendance. Everyone had a good time. The food was good, as usual. Everyone ordered individually.  It was determined to have a December mailing of the Newslink, and to make another appeal for donations to support keeping the Newslink going. We plan on having another dinner get together on Monday, April 12th, 1999 at the Four Seasons Dinner again, at 6:30 pm. Mark your calendar now.

   Those in attendance at this dinner were:

Tom and Roberta Abbott

Nancy (Lund) Belluchi

Mary Lou (Carnal) & Bill Howard

Don & Arlene Spaw

Kay (Edwards) & Chico Alcantar

Shirley (Grant) & Ray Robinette

Yvonne (Miller) & Ron Nauman

Janeene (Miller) & Larry Carlisle

Jerry O. & Becky Smith

Mary (Crum) & Don Moses

Pat (Rounds) & Larry Hockersmith

Larry & Margaret Fogelson


Card from Mary Kay (Peacock) Sampson

   I received a very nice card of thanks for the Newslink from Mary Kay who now lives in Adana, Turkey. Mary Kay has lived in foreign countries since mid-1965 as a teacher on military bases for Dept. of  Defense Dep’t Schools. She has lived in the Philippines, Ethiopia, South Spain and SSE Turkey. Her favorite home-site was Asniara, Ethiopia, now called Eritria, after 30 plus years of Civil War. Mary Kay has a 30 plus year old construction yellow VW beetle which she affectionately calls Petunia. Mary Kay says the summers in Adana run around 100+ with humidity in the high eighties to high nineties. Summers last 5-7  months with no rain. Electricity is cut several times a day without warning. Mary Kay said they had experienced a 6.3 earthquake on June 27 which killed 145 people. Six days later they had a 5.1 and a 4.8 tremor which caused more damage. Mary Kay has had several brief visits back to the USA, but rarely had time to see former classmates except for her good friend Patty (Jones) Mondike.


Sharon (Whitehead) Stilwell

   Shirley Robinette received a letter of thanks from Sharon which Shirley shared with me. Sharon expressed a desire to attend  one of the dinner get togethers, but it would have to be on a Saturday night to do so.

Sharon stated her daughter Sandy was traveling from Haselmier, England with her only grandchild for a visit last July. She will also spend a long weekend visiting her dad, Don in Houston, TX. Sharon is a big “Bulls” fan as is most Chicagolanders, and hopes Michael and Scotty return to the Bulls.

Sharon states she continues to enjoy her work, and participating in many sporting activities, especially tennis.

Dorothy (Angell) Hallberg

   Received a note from Dorothy on how nice it was to hear about other classmates. Dorothy is living in Macon, GA. and works as a Family Nurse Practitioner at an indigent clinic.


LeRoy Law pursues new Sports Activities

   We all remember LeRoy’s sports prowess at East High. It appears that he has taken up new endeavors as the below picture will testify to. It was in the August Paper.   Register showing LeRoy pitching horseshoes at the Iowa State Fair.


Marilyn Schoonover

   Short note from Marilyn saying how much she misses the opportunity to participate in the class dinner get togethers. Marilyn reports that there wasn’t much to report from Southern CA. Except that thanks to El Nino the summer was hot, hot, hot.


Injury to Tom Abbott

   The tornado that went through Johnston last June caused some damage to Tom and Roberta Abbotts residence. Trees were damaged, and also fell on their house and two vehicles causing considerable damage. Tom along with the assistance of one of his neighbors was attempting to cut some limbs off of one tree when one large limb got away from the neighbor striking the ladder knocking Tom to the ground. The results were two broken bones in his ankle, plus a torn Achilles tendon. This kept Tom in a cast and on crutches for almost five months. He is now starting to get around on a cane now, but suffers pain when on his feet to long.


Sharel (Tuers) Spendlove

   “I received the newsletter and enjoyed it so much, and appreciate everyones efforts in putting it together. I had intended to send a contribution towards the cost of it, so will do so quickly before I forget again. Those numbers 60 really do something to the memory.

   In the Spring of “97" I developed a bum shoulder; no injury, just one of those old age things I guess.Eventually had surgery in November. I now have a good clean joint and full range of motion, but such a long rehab. I expect it will always be a little stiff and tight. Really have a new respect for the complexity of the human shoulder joint.

   In March of “98" I decided to treat myself to a special “reunion “ trip to Oregon. I have several good friends there, all of us turning 60 this year, (so it was kind of a birthday bash)- and many relatives. I was met in Portland by Sonja (Bingaman) and her husband Lowell Kester, and spent several fun days with them. Sonja enjoyed seeing some pictures and hearing about our 40th reunion. They were dealing with a mud slide at their mountain home at the time of the reunion, so couldn’t come. Maybe next time.


(Sharel and Sonja at Wahkeena Falls)












The rest of the trip was in the Salem area with 4 nursing friends, we rolled back 35 years and had a blast. Two of the friends were from Iowa Lutheran.

   I came home feeling a little poorly, and found out I had to have my gall bladder out. Recuperation a little slower than expected, but I’m getting back into my usual summer activities. I hope to be in Des Moines in mid June of “99" for my nursing class 40th reunion. Perhaps I can see some of you then.


Bob Duvall

   Short note from Bob expressing his regrets at not being able to attend the Oct dinner get together. Bob says he appreciates receiving the Newslink, and hopes he can attend the next dinner get together. Bob did send for the Video of the 40th reunion, which also covers our High School days. Says to keep the news coming.


Terry Stover living in Minneapolis Area

   Received a short letter from Terry and his wife Sharon. They have lived in the Minneapolis area for 25 years now. They have 3 grown sons and 4 grandchildren. Terry and Sharon will celebrate 39 years of marriage. They retired 5 years ago and are enjoying it. They spend some of each winter in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Terry says to say hi to everyone. He has always had high regards for his classmates.

Nancy Rai (Miller) Quillen

   Nancy says she enjoys reading about some of her old classmates, and what they have done in their lives. She remembers the fun she had harmonizing with Mary Kay Peacock in gym class, and anywhere else they could.

Nancy says she read Sherry Lair’s “bio” and saw her picture in the class photo. Nancy says she remembers when Sherry and her friend Shirley got into a jam at Hiatt. She helped Sherry and Shirley “run away”. She gave them a can of peaches so they wouldn’t starve. She says they were both home in time for supper.

   Nancy recently married Bob Quillen, and they reside in the Branson, MO area. They both are active as musicians at Silver Dollar City. Nancy playing the upright bass fiddle, and Bob playing the guitar.


Mary (Graeve) Ross

   Short letter from Mary saying how much she enjoys the Newslink. Mary has worked as a bookkeeper for the past 20 years at Plaza Lanes. Invites everyone to stop by and see her. Yours truly had the spelling of Mary’s maiden name wrong, and was sending the newsletter to a past address. Sorry about that Mary, I hope I got things straightened out now. Good to hear from you.


Dick Smith remarried

   Received a E-mail from Dick. He remarried 5 years ago. His wife Elaine is from West Des Moines. Dick retired 3 years ago from Kraft in the USA after 35 years. He received a call from Kraft in Australia to go down under for 16 months. Spent 6 weeks touring Australia before returning home. Upon returning home Dick received an offer to work for a year for a trade association---American Dairy Products Institute located in Chicago. Dick says he and his wife plan to spend this winter in Phoenix and get into the retirement routine. But, will still do a little consulting part time. Dick says his Dad is a regular at the Four Seasons Dinner, and hopes he and Elaine can get back sometime to make a Dinner get together.


Lyle Simpson challenges Class of “56" 

   Lyle sent a nice donation for the Newslink expenses, and threw out the suggestion that the class might want to think about providing a perpetual annual scholarship.

   Lyle suggests that if we could raise  $20,000 by our 50th reunion, we could then deliver the final check at the annual alumni banquet in 2006. This scholarship would provide $1,000 per year for graduating seniors, plus the Foundation adds $500.00 for a total of a $1,500 scholarship which would be  given annually in the name of The Class of “56".

   If we are interested, Bill Boyer, Treasurer of the Foundation, will set up a reserve account in the Foundation in the name of our class until we reach the $20,000, at which time the balance would be transferred to the general fund and a scholarship issued annually thereafter in our name.

   It sounds like a great way to perpetuate the legacy of the Class of “56". This would only require a average of $10.00 per year per Class of “56" member  for the next 8 years to reach our goal. Some would probably feel that they can’t afford to donate, others probably won’t want to donate, so that would leave some to have to pick up the slack. All in all, I think it sounds like a great idea.  Would someone like to step forward to chair this worthwhile endeavor? Let us know your feelings on this, and maybe we can discuss it at our next dinner get together.


East - North rivalry longest in State?

   East and North have played football against each other since 1903. Some say that rivalry is the longest in the state. East leads this series 65 - 21 - 9.

   At the peak of this rivalry back in the 40"s the games would draw 18,000 fans. The game this year drew only 1,000 spectators.

Ex -coaches Bob Savage from East and Alex Glann from North discuss the almost century old rivalry. 

Floyd Wright, left of East, and Erik Link of North agree the rivalry is not” just” another game.


East  to state tournament in Baseball

   East didn’t have any problems producing hits against Bettendorf in its Class 4-A baseball tournament opener, but producing runs was a different matter. Bettendorf defeated East 8-6. East finished the season (23-19) by winning 19 of its last 24 games.


In Memoriam to deceased Classmates

    Dayton Rear -  April, 1998

    Jeannie Mabel Simmons - Jan, 1998 

    Opal (Stepp) Stephenson- Aug, 1998


May their virtues be inscribed in our hearts forever!


NewsLink Contributions

   We had some response to our appeal for donations to help pay for the expense of this newsletter. The costs for stamps, labels, envelopes, printing is expensive. Please send a donation no matter how large or small.

Many of you have indicated that you were going to, but have not done so. If you want to continue to receive this newsletter, we have to receive financial support to pay the costs to be able to send you this newsletter.

Send your donations to:

Shirley Robinette

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Robert Duval

Elizabeth (Schoonover) Emanuel

Larry Fogelson

Dorothy (Angell) Hallberg

Darrol Heggen

Pat (Rounds) Hockersmith

Mary Lou (Carnal) Howard

Mary (Crum) Moses

Yvonne (Miller) Nauman

Sherry (Lair) Northcutt

Lyle Norman

Judy (Ryun) Owens

Deanna (Wheatley Peterson

Shirley (Grant) Robinette

Marilyn Schoonover

Lyle Simpson

Jerry O. Smith

Don Spaw

Sharel (Tuers) Spendlove

Sharon Stilwell

Linda (White) Towers

Robert Trotter

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Thanks for the help

   A special thanks to Larry Carlise for running down some address changes. And to Tom Abbott for scaning the graphics.


People who have moved-Address unknown These people have moved in the past year, if you know where they live, please send us their new address.

Harold J. Cahow

Sue (Larson) Logan

Janet (Beeman) Madsen

Bill McGriff

John Moody

Bill Orris

Donald Rehms

Beverly (Adams) Tucker

Harvey Thompson

Duelah (Scovel) Waters

Tom E. White


Don’t forget the Dinner get together at the Four Seasons (304 E. 30th) on April 12th , 1999 at 6:30 pm

Call Janeene at 984-6030 or Pat at 226-8996 or Larry at 279-0013 to RSVP by April 8.


Have a very nice Holiday Season

and a peaceful, prosperous New Year

Class of “56" AddressChanges


Jerry Brown5121 E. Farm Road 170

Rogersville, MO



John Carr

2317 E. 11th

Des Moines, IA



Helen Cooper

117 E. 33rd Ct.

Des Moines, IA



Darrol Heggen

4000 Hillcrest Ave

Paducah, KY



John W. Hill

1720 Belmont Rd.

Grand Forks, N.D.



Donna (Mumford) Eide

2200- SE Rose - Apt #6

Des Moines, IA



Marleen (Lessmann) Lehnherr

N. 11598 Woodland Dr.

Tomahawk, WI



Beverly (Andre) Leonard

O E Buelton Rd.

Lompoc, CA






Ronald P. Maiggard

12612 - Bedfordshire Ct.

San Diego, CA



James McClelland

2011 Anacua Circle

Edinburg, TX



Pat (Jones) Mondike

4735 Clairemont Dr. #264

San Diego, CA



Suzanne K. Newton

5101 Prairie Creek Dr.

Lewisville, TX



Sherry (Lair) Northcutt

15431 State Highway 64

Ben Wheeler, TX



Nancy R (Miller) Quillen

White Eagle Woods

HCR 5 Box 315C

Reed Springs, MO 65737


Mary (Graeve) Ross

3932 - 12th St.

Des Moines, IA



Dick Smith

5124 Barnwall Ct.

Lisle, IL






Jerry O. Smith

6790 NE 18th

Des Moines, IA



Max K. Smith

5826 Sun Bay

San Antonio, TX



Larry Soloman

816 Grove St.

Adel, IA



Larry Watkins

Spring Creek Village

4708 Leilane Lane

Bonita Springs, FL 34134


La Vae (Konz) Wilson

9305 Sandler Dr.

Urbandale, IA



Joe Woxell

3917 Mashie Way

Temecula, CA



Dinner RSVP by April 8 to:

Janeene Carlise 984-6030

Pat Hockersmith 226-8996

Larry Fogelson 279-0013


Lets have a turnout of at least 50 people or more!!!!