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����������������� East High School Class of �56

���� NewsLink��������

����������� ����� ���December, 2000



�� We had our fall dinner get togetheron MondaySeptember 25that Pagliai�s Pizza .This was the biggest turnout we have had yet. There were 52in attendance. For those of you who haven�t paid attention in the past we have a very informal dinner get together twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. Lot�s of conversation and catching up with classmates.Everyone is invited to come. Thanks to Janeene Carlisle we now will have an official calling committee who will start to call everyone in the Des Moines area about two weeks before our next Dinner. They in turn will call me with their totals the Wednesday before our next get together, and I willcall the Restaurant to let them know approximately how many to expect. Everyone orders what they want off the menu and pays their own check with gratuity added. The next dinner get together will be Monday April 23rd. 2001,6:30 p.m. atOkoboji�s Grill in Johnston. The address is 8481 Birchwood CT. (this is 86th St, just north of I-80 in front of the Wynnsong Theater).

�� Those in attendance at the September dinner were:

Shirley (Grant) & Bud Robinette-Tom & Roberta Abbott-Robert & Barbara McAfee-Donna (Aspergren)& Bob Yeager-Dale & Marleene(Roberts) Wheeler-George & Kathleen (Graney) Finkenauer-Yvonne (Miller) & Sonny Nauman-Janeene(Miller) & Larry Carlisle-Jerry & Becky Smith-Bill & Sally Hutton-Jean Allsteadt-Nancy(Lund) Belluchi-Gwendolyn(Brewer) Stubbs-Steve Larson-Gary & Romona(Hitchcock) Howard-Jerry & Ruth(Cook) Haag-Bill & Mary Lou(Carnal) Howard-Wally & Rea(Johnson) Hawxby- Conrad & Micki(Wright) Rehard-Bill & Norma(Treanor) Burke-Bob & Linda Mentzer

Bob & Connie Trotter-Don & Arlene Spaw-Kay(Edwards) & Chico Alcantar-LaVae(Konz) Willson-Larry & Jackie Soloman-Lyle Simpson & Janet Pepper-Larry & Margaret Fogelson



�� It has really been fun receiving the Class of �56� NewsLink, and I am sure everyone appreciates the enormous amount of effort it takes to produce it, and keep the mailing list current. KUDOS to you all.

�� After 33 years in the Washington, DC area, and working for the U.S. Congress for most of those years, I am moving to the great NorthwestState of Washington. I will live in Rochester, which is about 15 miles south of Olympia.

�� I noticed that many who were in the last NewsLink were retiring, I have been working at the Univ. of MD the last 3 years, and have enjoyed it�Not sure that I will ever �Retire� but it kinda looks that way. I�m looking forward to writing this new chapter in my life. What a contrast between the two Washington�s. My only daughter lives and works in Denver, CO and I believe it is a bit closer.

�� I am enclosing a check towards your publication cost. At this time, I would like to be added to the list of those coming to the 45th Reunion. Not dead certain�but planning for it. It it is anything like the 40th it will be super. Keep up the good work Lee Township against the World.

������������ Elizabeth (Schooner) Emanuel

������������ 8311-176th Avenue SW

����������� Rochester, WA�� 98579



�� Looked at all the pictures of our class on the EHS web site. Liked it. Can�t believe the class members retiring. But, I guess we�re getting old enough. Personally, I�ll never retire. I enjoy my Trucking Business and it�s challenges more with each day. However my wife and I do enjoy traveling the U.S. when taking business trips. We live on a golf course�Walnut Creek�. If any of you ever get this way, lets play a round and have lunch. We are located in Mansfield, TX, and enjoy playing golf with our son Randy and our two grandsons.

�� Success came in our life after we left Des Moines, and I just can�t say enough about how much we enjoy life as it is now. Hope things are going well for everyone else too.

�� Our Trucks which run nationwide carry the name �AllTrac Transportation, Inc.� on them. We have 175 Trucks running on all Major Interstates. If you see any of them I hope they�re behaving themselves. They are all �379� extended hood PeterBilts, and pulling 53� van trailers.

�� Good luck to all as I get my second wind and finish the rest of the race.

���������������������� Dick Frakes


�� Just a note to let you know that I enjoy the NewsLink very much, keep up the good work all of you. I hope this donation will help out a little towards the newsletter.

�������������������� Dixie (Hart) Nelson

�� Thank you and keep up the good work. Always look forward to the next issue of the NewsLink. Enclosed is a donation to help with the expenses.

���������������������� Ron Larson


�� Dear Shirley, Sorry I haven�t sent this donation before now, but time seems to get away from me anymore. I sure enjoy getting the NewsLink, it really brings back memories. Please keep it coming , it is just great. How are you feeling since your surgery?, and how is Bud doing since his knee operation? Sure hope everyone is improving. Hope we can get together the next time we are back in Des Moines.

Take care and God Bless.

������������������� Kay (Johnson) Inman


�� Larry, we received the last NewsLink , and as usual, enjoyed reading about what classmates are doing. Conrad and I both retired in May, and most people will think we are crazy�but we wanted to get away from �big city life�, so we moved from the warm climate of Las Vegas, NV, and bought a house in Chariton, IA. We are enjoying the green Iowa scenery and life in a small town very much, although we must admit the humidity is taking some getting used to.

�� We hope to attend the next dinner get-together in September. (They did, and it was wonderful seeing them)

�������� Conrad and Micki (Wright) Rehard

��������422 N. 8th Street

��������� Chariton, IA��� 50049

��������� (641) 774-7423



�� I�ve been gone from the Des Moines area for 32 years. My wife Marilyn and I moved to Mesa, Arizona, and in 1977 started Mesa Awning Co., Inc. Arizona has been very good to us. We have two daughters and 5 grandchildren who all live within � mile of us.

�� I will be the first to admit that our summers are very hot, but we have 8 months of beautiful weather. Also, we can drive 2 hours north to our cabin in the mountains and it will be 20 degrees cooler.

�� I enjoy receiving the NEWSLINK, and seeing all the familiar names like, Larry Soloman, Lyle Simpson, Mary Kay Peacock, Buddy Robinette, Robert Trotter, Larry Fogelson, I could go on and on. I can still see each of these people in my mind even after 45 years. I was very sorry to hear of the death of Dick Bain, he

was a friend of mine in school.

�� I am sending a check to Shirley for postage. I REALLY ENJOY RECEIVING THE NEWSLINK.

������������������� ���������Bob Warrick



�� I think this is great. I am not smart enough yet to set up a Web Site, so I�m glad Tom Lettington is �getting it done�. Hope to hear from some of you. I will plan on the reunion in the fall.

����������� ����������Rae (Atkinson) Leto



�� Thanks to the efforts, time, and expense of Tom Lettington, we now have 58 classmates on line at theWeb Site.This enables anyone who is an accepted subscriber to send one message to all the other subscribers through the web site. Thanks again Tom, it took a lot of time, effort, and expertise on your part to set this up and administer it. It is also great to go to the web site to see a beautiful picture of our alma mater taken by JaneeneCarlisle and �enhanced� by Tom.

�� Tom also has the January and June Quills on the site, along with other things. The web site is: http://ehs56.org



�� Larry, thanks for the latest NewsLink. I think it is great. I have also sent a donation to Shirley. I will probably attend the next reunion, but doubt that my husband will come.

�� Do you have email addresses for our class members? I�m looking for Ruth Ann & Tom Pierick�s email address. (Note to Sharon: See above article. Tom has a site on there that you can request all the e-mail address sites that he has. Although the one you wanted is not there.).

�� This is really going to sound stupid� but, here goes. Sometime before Christmas, I think, a girl from the 1957 class e-mailed me and before I could respond, I erased your letter.For the life of me, I cannot remember your name.You were a majorette with me. As it stands now, I am embarrassed, and you probably think I am rude for not responding. You said that you received the NewsLink, so if you see this, please forgive me and contact me again. This has really been bothering me.

�� The Web-site is so professional. Having read Tom�s biography from a prior NewsLink, he certainly has the skills needed.

�������������������� Sharon (Burris) Howze



�� (Last August I received an email from this Alumni that she was coming to Des Moines for a �oldies� dance and get together. She was wanting to know where she might try to get a EHS sweater or article of clothing bearing the Logo. I made a few calls, emailed her back, and the following is her response.)

�� Larry, sorry to have taken so long in thanking you for your help. VanGinkel�s had the perfect sweatshirt�red, with �East High Scarlets� embroidered on the front, along with a Native American headdress (which I didn�t realize was a part of our symbolism�reminded me of the Washington Redskins!). The salesperson there didn�t remember that he even had that particular sweatshirt. (my daughter, the eagle-eye shopper discovered it, it was nearly hidden).They even reduced the price. Only in IOWA� So my thanks to you, and I had the perfect outfit, and we had a fun time. It�s always good to come �home�. I never realized how friendly Iowan�s were until after we moved to Maryland.

�� Again, thanks so much, and I love what you are doing with the NewsLink. I�ll plan to send another contribution soon.

��������������������� Nancy (Harris) Robinson



�� Larry read the Newslink and I got the center focus,, so lots of Des Moines news to catch up on.

�� Larry should be retired by Labor Day 2001, so we are thinking about a trip backfrom Vero Beach, FL.

�� Larry and I went to Maryland to see our son Randy and his wife and our granddaughter, and received the good news that we will be grandparents again in Jarurary.

�� Larry and Randy just got back from Pinehurst Country Club in N.C. They were there for the Father and Son Golf Tournament put on by Cleveland Golf. They had a great time and finished 2nd. Not bad since Larry only plays golf about 2 or 3 times a year now.

�� Larry is with Albertson�s food, and after manyyears is about ready for retirement. Most of the time when he is not working he is fishing. He has become the �Snook King�, a great tasting fish and fun to catch.

�� Larry Ramsey married Karin McVay who attended St Joesph Academy. We have three children, 4 grandchildren, and one on the way. We live in Vero Beach FL and have for the last 9 �years. Before that we were one of the ones from Maryland for 18 years.

��������������������� Larry & Karin Ramsey

(Editors note: as I understand it, Larry was a exceptional Golfer who even entertained aspirations of playing on the professional tour. Maybe Arnie & Jack should feel lucky that he abandoned that desire�.Larry�s wife Karin is a first cousin to my wife�Margaret (Cota) Fogelson.Hope to see you.)



�� Bob Trotter contacted me to inform me of a phone call he received from Bob and Janice (Moss) Ballard. The purpose of the call was basically to update an old friendship. Those of us who attended Woodrow Wilson Junior High will remember Bob and Jan, as they were both Tech High School grads in �56�.

�� Bob is a retired drafting engineer. They live in Michigan and spend their winters in Sarasota, Florida. It was great to talk with both of them and catch up on some personal joys, in addition to some tragedies they have endured.

�� They asked about many old friends, some who are regulars at our out �to- eat dinner get-togethers. They said if they knew when these dinners were going to be and if no one objected, since they were not EHS grads, they would enjoy attending sometime and seeing some of their old friends.

�� Trotter said he is sure they would appreciate hearing from some of the old gang. So if you have the opportunity, please contact them. Their address is:

���������� Bob and Jan Ballard

���������� 3150 E. Gatehouse S.E.

���������� Grand Rapids, MI�� 49546

MI (616) 974-8380���� ����FL(941) 925-0683


�� (Thanks Bob, it was good hearing about the Ballard�s. I haven�t seen them since Junior High)



�� Shirley, appreciate your time and part in keeping our class updated. Please thank Larry Fogelson and all involved for me.

�� My daughter Sandy and her husband are presently visiting me from Haselmere, England-UK. I am enjoying my only 2 grandkids, Alex almost 4 & Adam 13 months, but my!!! What energy they have. They will be in the Country for 3 weeks. They will visit Don in Houston for a four day weekend next weekend.

�� A special hi to Pat Hockersmith.

Looking forward to our 45th reunion next September. Plan to be there.

�������� Sharon (Whitehead) Stilwell


�� I got Tom Lettington�s info on the EHS web page and then I saw the note about the 45th reunion. I thought I would let you know that Elaine and I will plan to attend on the Labor Day weekend of 2001. If there is anything that I can do from long distance, please let me know. We are still in the Chicago area (Lisle) and will leave for Arizona right after New Years to miss the snow.

��������������������� Dick Smith

(You are a little smarter than we are Dick. We just got back from AZ. We now have over a foot of snow on the ground with more coming tomorrow).


�� I�ll be there, put me down for 2. I�m willing to be on the committee-long distance. Just let me know what I can do. Also, I could arrange to be in Des Moines a week or so earlier to help out.

�� I do enjoy the NewsLink, and have sent a donation to help out on the expenses.

�� Hope everyone had a good summer.

����������������� Mary(Katzman) Goodman



�� I just got my computer, so here is my e-mail address for the class of �56�. DMEide@msn.com

�� Also, I am planning on being there for the 45th reunion. I do not know if my husband will come, but I have it on my calendar.

Thank you

�������������������� Donna (Mumford) Eide



�� Hello Larry, It has been a long time! I am honored that you have sent me the �56� NewsLink, because as you know I graduated in�55�. As my friend and advisor, Lyle Simpson keeps telling me, I belonged in the class of 56, not the 55 class.

�� Background of thisis I was part of the mid-year class up until the end of our 9th grade year. I only had one thing on my mind, PLAYING BASKETBALL, (pretty narrow minded, huh). So that I could enter East High with the guys I had been playing basketball with in grade school and junior high, I took summer session classes so I could enter East with my basketball buddies. That�s it, and as Lyle reminds me of every so often, I really belonged in the 56 class.

�� I am impressed with your NewsLink letter, and the fact that some of the Des Moines Alum get together a couple of times a year fordinner and conversation.

�� Larry, I believe the last time I saw you was when we worked together for the City of DSM doing traffic surveys in the summertime when we were in college. As a result of our �good� work, they put in the I-235 Freeway.

�� My wife and I were in DSM up until 1988 at which time we moved to San Diego. We used to get together with Harold and Marlene Cahow fairly often as they lived in Orange County, but they have since moved to East Coast. Also, met John Moody and wife here and were over at their home for the evening with the Cahows. But have lost track of them also.

�� Good luck on planning your reunion, and best of Regards to the 56 class, (where I should be Lyle)

��������������������������� Ron Maigaard

(Great hearing from you Ron, and yes I remember those days well. In fact I worked for Traffic Engineering another 4 � years, then joined the DSM Fire Department, which is where I retired from after 34 years )



�� East�s top ranked softball team had a joyous and emotional recognition ceremony at East for Bob Savage, the Scarlets 78 year old coach who retired at season's end. Savage received a key to the city of Des Moines and a plaque. Savage was honored with red and blackribbons and balloons on the dugout and fence.

�� East finished the Central Iowa Metropolitan League American Conference season winning the League title, its first since 1994.

�� Savage finished his career with 49 seasons of coaching at East. He began as a football coach in 1951, then quit after 18 seasons. His twilight years have been dedicated to softball.

�� Savage was moved by a pre-game ceremony when he received a key to the city. �It�s been something going a long time,� Savage said to the crowd, his voice cracking with emotion.



�� I sold out in Iowa in August of 1999. Finally bought a house in June in Kimberling City, MO. We�re still unpacking and trying to get it all in the proper places.A little fishing on Table Rock Lake is delaying me a bit.

�� How about the week of the Iowa State Fair for the 45th reunion.? Either the first or second weekend.Looking forwardto getting together with all next year.

�� A high to all at the dinner get �together outings, and especially to Don Spaw.

�� You have my email address now, any communication will be welcome.

�� Larry, wasn�t your Father the Minister at Capital Hill Christian Church when you were young?

���������������������� Bob & Yvonne Duvall

(No Bob, my father was never a minister)



�� For those who remember the old �Spotlight Parade� which was done back in the 40�s and 50�s at the old KRNT Theater. Sylpha Snook was the director of these local talent variety shows. The proceeds of these shows helped to pay for the construction of Williams Stadium. I remember many of these shows well, as I am sure many of you might who participated in them. Fond remembrances brought back that I haven�t thought about for many many years. Ms. Snook was 99 years old when she passed away in August.



�� Jack Borg was a retired instrumental teacher and guidance counselor with the Des Moines Schools.



�� Bertha Holt, who co-founded one of the world�s largest international adoption agencies died at age 96.Mrs Holt graduated from East High and the University of Iowa. In 1956 she co-founded the Holt Adoption Program which later became Holt International Children�s Services. Now with programs in 10 countries, the Holt International has found homes for 50,000 children in the past 30 years.



(from the DM Register by Jason Clayworth)

�� Two hundred dollars will buy Phyllis Smith everlasting notoriety at East High School. Phyllis paid for a �paver� engraved with her and her two daughters names who attended East.

�� The square �foot limestone engraving will be within an outdoor classroom that could be started next year.

�� Students began planning the project two years ago when East High was selected by the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Des Moines Art Center as a site for the landscape project.

�� The project is expected to cost about $200,000. Students helped design the classroom, known as the memory spiral, with the school�s history in mind. The spiral design symbolized education and how it continues.

�� If you wish to purchase a paver or find out more information call the School at (515) 242-7788.



�� The dates have been set for our 45th reunion in 2001.

�� Details will be worked out later with a special mailing concerning the reunion being mailed to everyone about the third week in April. Preliminary plans call for:

�� Friday-August 31st ---A casualand informal get reacquaintedget together at the Pavilion at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Altoona.

�� Saturday-September 1st---- A sit down, served dinner at Echo Valley Country Club on County Line Road on the Southwest side.

�� Final details and cost will be coming in April, but mark your calendar now to plan to attend. We have had some excellent preliminary feedback. Sounds like this one could equal or exceed our 40th .



�� We would like to have some prizes to give a way for the reunion, as door prizes, drawings, etc. If there is anyone out there, either as a individual or as a company, that would like to donate a product or something, we would appreciate it.

�� It would have to be something that could be used Nationwide. In other words�. no gift certificates for the local car wash���.Please let us know.

The planning committee consists of:

�� Larry Fogelson

�� Janeene (Miller) Carlisle

�� Robert Trotter

�� Shirley (Grant) Robinette

�� Larry Soloman

�� Pat (Rounds) Hockersmith



�� If you move, or know you are going to be moving, please send us your address changes. It saves me a lot of time, not to mention expense.

�� Please look over the List of the Lost on the last page, and see if you can help us find some more of our missing classmates. We will be using our current list to mail out the 45th reunion notices. So, keep us current.


Address changes and articles for NewsLink to:

Larry Fogelson��� 3121 Twana Drive�

Des Moines,IA������ 50310������ (515) 279-0013

Email: ChiefFog@home.com



�� If you want to keep this contact medium going for contact with classmates, and to hear about classmates, please help us by sending a donation to help cover expenses. The latest round of contributors:

Tom & Roberta Abbott-Gene Davis-Bob Duvall-Elizabeth(Schoonover)Emanuel-Mary Lou(Katzman) Goodman-Janice(Holman)Green-Sharon(Burris)Howze-Kay(Jhonson)Inman

Ron Larson-Dixie(Hart)Nelson-Linda(Muray)Ratliff

Lyle Simpson-Jerry Smith-Sharon(Whitehead)Stilwell-Linda(White)Towers-Robert Trotter-Robert & Marilyn Warrick-Shirley (Lowder) Warrick-Larry Watkins

�� Thank you one and all.


Please send NewsLink donations to:

�� Shirley Robinette

�� 812-E. 22ndCT.

�� Des Moines, Iowa,�� 50317



Sharon (Crawford) Allsteadt

Charles Baker

Lola Baker

Susan (Beebe) Bane

Karen (Anderson) Barton

Shirley Brown

George Butler

Harold J Cahow

Sandra Carter

Carl O. Christiansen

DeWayne F. Clark

Helen Cooper

Hazel (Harmon) Crocker

William Downey

Donald J Dugan

Robert L Freeborn

Robert L Graham

Ron Gray

John Hall

Edward L Harvey

Sheryl (Deskin) Holsman

Marilyn Jackson

James Jesser

Joanne (Bosshardt) Jergens

Jim Jordan

Barbara (Batty) Kimley

Gary Lewis

Gene Lewis

Thomas P. Mason

Ralph Marshall

Sandra (Parsons) Mathys

Bill McGriff

Barbara (Byerly) Monahan

John Moody

Jeanne (Clark) Moore

Nancy Morrow

Norma (Allison) Moslander

John Nelson

Bill Orris

Rhoda (Smith) Parks

Donald Patton

Charles Price

Wilma Richards

Margaret (Chapman) Roe

Lily Rose

Lucille (Belzer) Ryan

Jolene (Wichersheim) Shadley

Jack Slattery

Betty Smith

Carolyn (Gatewood) Smith

Max K. Smith

Opal Tomlinson

Jeanine Ruth Turner

Lynn Van Sickle

Tom F White

Frances Knotts Wright

Janet Wright



�� Monday night April 23, at 6:30 pm at Okoboji�s

Grill on86th St. Just north ofI-80. (Just in front of the Wynnsong Theater)



�� A-B�.Jerry Smith

�� C-F�LaVae Willson

�� F-H�Donna Yeager

�� H-N�Norma Burke

�� N-S�Ruth Hagg

�� S-W�Arlene Spaw

�� W-Z�Janeene Carlisle

Start calling about two weeks ahead of time. Call me withapproximate numbers on Wednesday April 23rd.

Larry Fogelson at 279-0013



�� Official notice will come sometime toward the last of April. Reunion to be Aug 31st & Sept 1st.


Please help us with the list of the lost. Some of these people have been missing since the 40th reunion. However, many have just moved, and did not notify us of any address change. Thank you very much.





Best Wishes for the Merriest of the Holiday Season to Everyone, and the hope that 2001 will be your Best Year yet.